Better and Culturally Diverse Quality Agents

Nearshore centers are staffed with agents familiar with the social environment of the customers they serve. The closer the geographical location, the more benefit can be derived from culture sensitivity, empathic communication and instinctive understanding of customer needs.

Given the multicultural and integrated community in the border city of Tijuana, besides the English – Spanish agents, we also have successfully formed an experienced group of English – Mandarin bilingual agents, as well as English – Portuguese bilingual agent groups, to cater to Asian and Latin American markets.

Better Training and On-boarding Results

Most of our agents are nearshore, but they have been educated in the US. They are familiar with US training styles, workplace schedules and rules. We typically achieve target performance metrics 30% faster than offshoring solutions.

Nearshore at Offshore Pricing

We are known as the top call center employer in our area because we make it our mission to attract top talent and keep it. Our streamlined overhead allows us to compensate agents at better than market rates and still pass on substantial savings to you. Put our pricing to the test!

Cut Down on T&E Expenses

With a nearshore solution, you are not half a world way. Our call center services solutions in Tijuana are 20 minutes away from downtown San Diego. You can drive or walk across the border, and reach our sites in less than five minutes. No jet lag; no astronomical travel expense reports; no staff burnout.

Better Communication

Close collaboration and flexible communication is paramount to our success. We are in the US Pacific Timezone and our regular hours cover all US time zones. You can also visit us as frequently as you wish. We are happy to host your US staff at our site short, mid or long term, and we will provide transportation across the US/Mexico border through our daily border shuttle service.

Our Solutions

Business Process Support

  • Sales – lead generation, sales and cross sales

  • Customer Service – Customer Loyalty, Customer Support, and Customer Relationship Management

  • Technical Support

  • Billing and Payment Processes

  • Credit and Collections

  • Fraud Prevention

  • Claims Support – FNOL and Adjuster support

  • Underwriting and Verification Support

  • Data Entry

  • Audit, Reconciliation and other financial team support

Customer Service and Experience

  • Our team is focused on delivering exceptional results to you and your customers. We achieve this by creating a dynamic work environment and putting our employees first. As a service organization, our largest resource is the talent and dedication of each one of our team members.
  • We specialize in bilingual teams, which have the capability to serve customer needs seamlessly in either Spanish or English, Mandarin or English as well as Portuguese or English, thereby significantly improving customer satisfaction and agent efficiency.
  • Our sales teams consistently outperform peers in lead generation, sales conversion and average order value.
  • Our customer service teams can provide culturally attuned communication. We only hire agents that have lived in the U.S. or have extensive experience dealing with U.S. customers. We live and die by our C-SAT and NPS scores.
  • We support voice, email, text, chat and social media communications.
  • We move fast – we are capable of scaling rapidly to meet your growing needs.

We are a new generation of business process outsourcing services
and GGA Solutions is leading the way.