We will become the business process outsourcing partner of choice by providing 360 value to our clients, employees and partners.


We are committed to hiring, recruiting, and developing the best agent and employee team in our industry. Our agents are not only 100% bilingual, but also have a broad and solid knowledge of the culture and needs of the American client. GGA’s compensation and people management practices reflect this commitment. We have become the EMPLOYER OF CHOICE in our area.


Our seasoned expertise in BPO solutions, in-house operational focus, top-notch agents and nearshore locations offer huge advantages to our U.S.-based customers. We are committed to a “boutique approach”: choice clients who consider us an extension of their own operations to scale for growth and enhance bottom line profitability.


We aim to enter into partnerships that provide true added value to both sides, and are based on mutual trust and respect. We believe in sharing in the good times and being there during the bad times that occur during the course of every partner relationship.

Nearshore Value

  • We employ only fully bilingual agents (English/Spanish) that have experience in interacting with US customers and business.
  • We work with each of our clients to develop highly effective training programs that ensure our teams are always prepared to deal with your business needs.
  • Our centers are staffed by agents that are familiar with the social environment of customers they serve, many of them have been educated in the US therefore, literate with culture sensitivity, empathic communication and instinctive understanding of customer needs.
  • We have a privileged geographical location, just across the border from San Diego, Ca. which facilitates our clients visits and cuts down travel and expenses costs, for supervision, training or overseeing operations.
  • Easily stay in San Diego and travel daily and safely to our locations, which are border-adjacent and in the highly regarded Tijuana financial district.
  • Our facilities are in Tijuana Mexico, with 2 different locations in Zona Río, the financial and bussines district of the city; just 5 minutes away from the US border.

Management Team

Led by an individuals with deep expertise in servicing U.S.-based businesses.

Valeria Rico


20+ years leading
outsourcing operations in Mexico.
Proven experience leading and scaling start-up operations in the US to $500MM+ in revenues.

Carlos Coronel


20+ years of contact center experience
25+ years finance and accounting experience, including public and private sectors Finance and Accounting executive expert in sustainable growth

Daniel Rangel


15+ years Tijuana BPO experience.
Areas of expertise include Customer Service, Data Entry, QC, Insurance Underwriting and Claims Management.

Berenice Uribe

VP, Operations and BI

25+ years contact center experience.
Focus on scaling English-only outsourced and sales operations for U.S. businesses.
Areas of expertise include Sales and Customer service, Payment.
Processing and Credit/Collections Operations.

Milton Valenzuela

VP, Growth Support

20+ years Mexico BPO Experience.
Areas of expertise include Customer Service, General Operations, Customer Experience, Training and Development.

Socorro Maravilla

VP, People Support (HR)

30+ years in Human Resources in Mexico border areas.
Expertise in call center personnel management and organizational development of US led Mexican operations.
Led the HR function for organizations of 1,000+ employees.

GGA Solutions is leading the way
in the new generation of business process outsourcing services.