Successful enterprises have long understood that time is money; sometimes, they’ll need to outsource tasks to save both and stay competitive. Enter GGA Solutions. We’re a trusted choice for companies looking to scale their departments, streamline business operations, and resolve staffing issues without compromising quality or visibility.

Enhance Your Operations With Nearshore BPO and Back-Office Support

Looking for better support, productivity, and profits? GGA offers several business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions, including:

Customer Service Support

It’s vital to offer helpful service at every end of the customer experience. Good communication directly shapes consumer behavior and profit margins. At GGA, our helpful agents understand how important it is to represent your business professionally.

We put your support staff through a rigorous training period, during which time they learn about the nuances of your company. By gaining a complete understanding of your industry and growth goals, our agents provide practical support to your customers.

IT Support

The security of your IT infrastructure directly impacts your company’s operational efficiency. IT problems halt productivity, drain budgets, and delay project timelines. Your technology needs protection, and GGA has solutions. Our managed services set your business up for success by mitigating cyberthreats, providing help-desk support, and monitoring your network.

Back Office Functions

While they can be easy to overlook, back office functions are essential to the success of your business. However, maintaining an in-house department can get expensive. For companies looking for a cost-effective way to supplement their workload, GGA can help. From financial support to data management, we have the resources you need to improve your operational efficiency.

Call center, customer support and insurance agent consulting at night in a office at a contact help desk

Telemarketing & Lead-Gen

Finding new prospects can be challenging, and the resources required to build, scale, and maintain an internal sales team add up. That’s why GGA offers nearshore lead generation services. Our educated agents drive results for your business. When you outsource with GGA, you get an entire team dedicated to delivering high-quality leads, and in return—closed deals.

Why GGA?


Outsourcing your business functions overseas can come with a few challenges. Luckily, GGA offers nearshore outsourcing in Mexico, which delivers the following advantages:

Nearshore Solutions

Depending on your provider’s location, going global for BPO could bring communication complications. Historically, outsourcing can come with language barriers. But partnering with GGA is different.

Proximity to your customer base is a key advantage of nearshore BPO providers. At GGA, we’re located less than 20 minutes outside San Diego. English is the first language for 85% of our employees, and many attended universities in the United States. Additionally, our entire executive team has experience holding C-Level positions for U.S.-based companies. BPO services should share a cultural affinity with your consumers, and that’s exactly what we do.

Established Reputation

Chances are, if your business runs marketing analytics, you’re all too familiar with Net Promoter Scores (NPS). Essentially, it gauges how likely customers are to recommend a service. For BPO companies, a high score is above 25, and most sit around a 20.

At GGA Solutions, our NPS score is 71. Our status as an industry leader stems from the difference between outsourcing overseas and nearshore outsourcing. Mexico neighbors the United States—so we understand what it takes to seamlessly handle your workload.

Cost Savings

Your company’s long-term goals should be focused on improving your bottom line, but investing in the resources and infrastructure to handle your business processes in-house is expensive—not to mention time consuming. The ever-growing costs associated with your daily business functions hurt margins, but what if there was a better way?

With nearshore outsourcing in Mexico, there is. No matter the complexity of your business processes, GGA’s holistic solutions have you covered. For far less, you get the same dependable service with GGA as you do with an in-house team. On average, our solutions are 40% cheaper than US-based workers. We’re able to assemble your entire support team for a fraction of the cost.

Commitment to Integrity

There’s an alarming trend with other BPO providers—they immediately lock you in for long-term contracts to secure as much revenue as possible. GGA does it differently. We encourage clients to try out three to six month plans before making any long-term commitments. All of our agreements have 90-day exit clauses, providing you with a no-pressure way to evaluate if GGA is the right choice for you.

We’re not here to make a quick buck. Your success is our success, and we pride ourselves on delivering solutions you can trust. GGA’s commitment to trustworthy service is displayed in our retention rate, as we’re still working with the very first clients we partnered with.

GGA was ranked 106 out of the best 500 companies to work for in Mexico in 2023.

How Can GGA Solutions Help You?


At GGA, we’re here to be your long-term partner, not through legally binding documents, but through high-quality service. Looking for a cost-effective way to supplement your workload? You’re in the right spot. Start a conversation with our experts to discover the GGA difference.