The recent pandemic sent shockwaves through the global workforce. Once companies started working from home, everyone soon realized a common theme. They needed a way to remotely access data.

Data migration was vital to keeping business afloat after we returned to normal, and it remains necessary to stay competitive. Still, some companies still haven’t transitioned—but why?

Overdue for an Upgrade? With GGA, Cost Can’t Hold You Back.

Organizations who are leery about making the switch often attribute it to the price. However, at GGA, our data migration services are a cost-effective way to transition your business to the cloud. Compared to US-based MSPs, we provide the same competitive advantage for 40% cheaper.

Discover the Benefits of Cloud Adoption

Unsure if the benefits of cloud adoption will outweigh the headache of transitioning? With GGA, you can expect the following advantages once your cloud migration project is complete:


All too often, business owners are under the false impression that on-site storage is more secure than the cloud. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, cloud-based solutions are more secure than their physical counterparts. As your trusted, full-service provider, GGA adheres to database migration best practices and international security standards.


Moving documents to a remotely accessible infrastructure is a more flexible way to store your data. As businesses grow or change, upgrading or scaling back your cloud environment is more manageable, which makes it far easier to optimize your operations while still maintaining a remote presence.


On-site server rooms get expensive. Luckily, with GGA moving your data to the cloud, you won’t have to pay for around-the-clock security, hardware, maintenance, or electricity. Instead, we provide the infrastructure to support the systems and applications you need, for an affordable monthly fee. Partnering with GGA also means you get ongoing support from a whole team of IT experts.

GGA Solutions: Seamless Data Migration Strategies

Transitioning to the cloud is no easy task, and you need a detailed data center migration plan to avoid headaches. At GGA, our experts avoid time-consuming problems by carefully planning each phase of the process.


Before every cloud migration project, GGA meets with our clients to learn about their current challenges, ultimate goals, and final expectations. From there, we’re able to determine which type of cloud migration works the best and custom-tailor a unique strategy for your business.


Once our experts understand what you need, GGA gets to work preparing for your digital transformation. We’ll assist you throughout the whole process, helping you choose between new cloud providers, systems, and capabilities.


Your business is unique, and a cookie-cutter approach to your data migration simply won’t cut it. That’s why, at GGA, our process varies significantly from client to client. While the details vary depending on the scope of your project, one factor remains the same: we move your data to a new platform of your choice, making sure we don’t sacrifice security or functionality.

If your business is overdue for a transition, rest assured, knowing GGA will complete your migration in a timely, cost-effective manner that keeps your operations uninterrupted.


At GGA, our work isn’t finished after we successfully move your data. Once transitioned, our team assesses your new cloud environment, searching for any potential issues or inefficiencies. GGA is intentional with our post-migration inspections, so we can give you confidence in knowing your applications and infrastructure work how they should.

Need to Migrate Your Data with Minimal Disruption? GGA Can Help.

From large-scale data migration to adopting small cloud services, GGA solutions has the experience and expertise to quickly take your business digital. Ready to take the next step? Start a conversation with our expert team, and ask about your free consultation.