Your company’s decisions directly shape customer behavior—and ultimately, profit. That’s why providing high-quality service at every turn in the customer experience is essential. With GGA Solutions on your side, you’ll be able to scale your support team with our high-quality, reputable support staff.

GGA Solutions: Your Top Choice for Outsourced Phone Support

Companies entrust their customer service outsourcing needs to GGA because of our:

24/7 Support

When you partner with GGA, you gain access to a complete support team available 24/7. Whether your customers need support in the middle of the night or late on the weekends, you can rest assured knowing GGA’s dedicated agents will be there for them.

High-Quality Agents

GGA knows the only way to represent your company properly is by ensuring our employees are well-versed in all aspects of your business operations. Our support agents train on the nuances of your company for six months—gaining a complete understanding of your industry and growth goals. This rigorous training period guarantees that GGA represents your business positively.

Bilingual Representatives

Our exceptional service stems from the quality of our employees. That’s why GGA offers bilingual teams, ensuring effective communication channels regardless of your customer’s location. GGA’s representatives are fluent in:

  • Spanish
  • English
  • Mandarin Chinese
  • Portuguese

We understand how crucial high-quality personnel members are to representing your company and take pride in our broad geographic reach.

Industry-Leading NPS

A Net Promoter Score (NPS) essentially represents the quality of customer experience. By collecting unbiased customer feedback, NPS scores measure the willingness of customers to recommend products or services.

For customer service outsourcing, a “high score” is anywhere around 25 or more. For reference, most of our competitors sit around a 20 NPS score. At GGA, we maintain an NPS score of 71— significantly higher the industry standard.

Our industry-leading reputation is directly attributed to the quality of our process. We’ve built a team of high-quality agents who take pride in their work. Customer service outsourcing with GGA means you get a team of dedicated agents who care about your client’s experience.

Nearshore Solutions

When finding a customer service outsourcing provider, you need representatives who can communicate well with your customer base. A huge aspect of GGA’s continued success is our cultural affinity with the United States. Our entire management team has held executive-level positions for US-based companies. Additionally, we’re located 15 minutes away from of San Diego. English is the first language for 85% of our employees, as many received their education in the United States.

Looking for a solution for your customer service needs? Turn to GGA.

The Benefits of Outsourcing your Customer Service With Us

What good is customer service outsourcing if it doesn’t improve your business operations? In addition to the above, a partnership with GGA delivers the following benefits:

Multi-Channel Communication

In addition to inbound call center services, GGA solutions offers several communication avenues, including:

  • Web chat support services
  • Email communications
  • Phone support
  • Social media

If you’re searching for a holistic customer service team, you’re in the right spot. With our main area of operations in Tijuana and Puebla, our support team will have no issue communicating with your customer base.

Reduce Your Operating Costs

Recruiting, hiring, and training your internal support team can get expensive. In addition to salaries, you’ll need to provide benefits and bonuses; before you know it—you’ll have a hefty operating expense.

Luckily, GGA’s outsourced customer service delivers significant savings. Compared to U.S.-based workers, we can assemble a complete customer support team for 40% of the cost. With GGA solutions, you get high-quality service while saving a considerable amount of capital.

Scale Your Customer Experience

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to grow your support staff, enlist the help of our customer support outsourcing services. With GGA, we streamline your customer experience. Your company won’t have to worry about recruiting thanks to our in-house staff. We’ll help you facilitate your customer care, so you can scale your department efficiently and successfully.

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