53% of small business owners believe they face a competitive disadvantage in terms of technology constraints compared to larger companies. Luckily, your business can combat this disparity by outsourcing your IT support. Here’s how:

GGA Solutions: Your Top Choice for Outsourced Tech Support

Outsourcing your IT support doesn’t have to mean settling for generic, one-size-fits-all solutions. At GGA, we offer holistic help desk services, ranging from Tier 1 to Tier 3 support.

We take the time to understand your company’s unique needs and carefully choose the perfect technician to represent your business. Our staff is so knowledgeable, helpful, and effective that your employees will have difficulty telling the difference between your team and ours.

Dependable Technical Support Services

Let’s face it—not all companies are equal. Here’s where GGA Solutions stands above the rest as your top choice for outsourced IT support:

Customized Support Plans

When companies evaluate outsourced IT support, there’s a shared concern that third-party technicians won’t cater to your specific needs. That’s why GGA crafts a custom service plan for every client, only including the solutions you actually need.

Shared Knowledge

Other outsourced IT support programs assign you a technician and call it a day. GGA does things differently. In addition to providing a dedicated team member to your company, our other experts are also available to you for additional support.

If you encounter a complicated issue, our team is available 24/7 to brainstorm real-time solutions. After we’ve fixed your issue, GGA documents our resolution process and adds it to your growing collection of instructional documents that you can use during future IT problems.

Careful IT Team Selection

At GGA, we make it a core focus to build high-quality relationships with our clients. While other IT providers may assign a random technician to serve your team without considering their skillset or qualifications, we pride ourselves on choosing the right fit for every client.

This commitment to dependable service is seen in our retention rate, as we’re still working with the first client we brought on, and the second, and third—you get the picture.

A Focus on Security

To put it another way, GGA isn’t your average outsourced IT service. At heart, we’re a business process outsourcing company, meaning we have a wide range of internal departments collaborating on a daily basis. This provides our IT help desk clients with exclusive access to an expert team of cybersecurity experts.

Looking to stay ahead of cyberthreats? Reach out to GGA and ask how we incorporate cybersecurity into your IT support program.

Three Key Benefits to IT Support Outsourcing With GGA

For companies looking to improve their bottom line, outsourcing your IT support with GGA delivers the following advantages:

More Time to Focus on Your Business

With outsourced IT support, you’ll no longer be bogged down with complicated technical issues. We’ll manage your entire infrastructure, allowing you to focus time and attention where it’s needed most—your daily business operations.

Maintain a Competitive Edge

Just because you’re a smaller business doesn’t mean you can’t compete with the big fish. While a larger company may have access to in-house resources, small to medium-sized businesses can still achieve the same level of expertise. GGA’s outsourced IT services deliver industry-leading technical support at a more digestible price.

Reduce IT Operational Costs

One of the most attractive benefits to outsourcing your IT support is the cost savings it provides. GGA’s expert technicians help minimize the chance of costly network problems, and in turn, IT-related downtime. With our customizable solutions, you’ll know exactly what services you’re receiving and what you’ll be spending per month. This consistency makes budgeting a breeze, freeing you from the costs associated with unpredictable IT problems.

Need Quality Technical Support Outsourcing? You’re In the Right Spot.

Considering outsourcing your IT tasks to stay competitive? Businesses looking to improve their bottom line should consider that GGA can assemble your entire technical support team for a fraction of the cost compared to U.S.-based workers.

On average, our outsourced IT services are 40% cheaper than maintaining an internal crew. Start a conversation with our experts and discover what GGA can do for you.