Picture this: You have an idea for a revolutionary software that would automate basic tasks and save your business hours of wasted time. This miracle application would completely optimize your operational efficiency and substantially change your company for the better. But, there’s just one catch—this game-changing software only exists in theory. To make matters worse, third-party software development with a domestic company can be expensive. Luckily, there’s a better option.

GGA Solutions is located in Tijuana, Mexico. Our expert team specializes in nearshore software development, meaning we can make your project vision a reality for 35%-38% cheaper than U.S.-based technology firms. Here’s how:

Nearshore Software Development Services Tailored to Your Business’s Needs

Your business has unique needs, and a one-size-fits-all approach to software development simply won’t cut it. If your software is designed with “cookie-cutter” procedures, you can’t use your technology to its full potential.

That’s why GGA builds customized solutions designed specifically for your business—no one else. Every app we create is 100% unique, so GGA’s software development process looks different for every client. However, there are a few steps we follow for every project:


Every great project starts with accurately understanding our client’s vision, which is why all of our partnerships begin with a detailed consultation. This has made GGA a recognized industry leader in outsourced software development services

During the initial consultation, our project managers meet with you to understand your specific goals. Share your ideas and let us know where your current software falls short, we’ll use this information to devise a plan to make your vision a reality.

Plan Creation

Once we’re on the same page and understand what you’re looking for, our in-house IT consultants create a plan. Our expert team leverages cutting-edge technologies to lay the groundwork for your personalized software. Once we develop a project outline, you have the chance to review and make changes before we start coding.

Software Development

After you sign off on our plan, our software development team gets to work coding your custom application. Throughout the process, we adhere to your original project goals to help ensure our software meets your expectations.

Reveal and Implementation

After we put the finishing touches on your new software, we reveal our creation and integrate it into your existing platforms.

By working with you through every project stage, we’re able to deliver a custom software that’s perfectly aligned with what you envisioned.

Looking to bring your project goals to life? Good news, you’re in the right spot. Start a conversation with GGA and discover the advantages of nearshore software development.

We’re Not Your Average Software Development Service

“(GGA) functions solely in a dedicated environment and builds bilingual, professional teams, which can partner with in-house tech teams throughout each phase of the software development and support cycles.”

– Daniel Rangel, SVP, Administration & Client Services

Simply put, GGA solutions isn’t your average nearshore software developer. We’re an outsourced business processing company here to assist you with any back office functions. From BPO services to cybersecurity, our wide range of services means our internal teams can effectively collaborate on your project.

More specifically, we implement cybersecurity frameworks into our software development process. By weaving advanced security features into every component of your new software, we’re able to deliver a platform that keeps your business and data protected. If you’re looking for an experienced software development company that won’t cut corners on security, turn to GGA solutions. We get things done more efficiently than other software developers and do whatever we can to exceed your highest expectations.

GGA Solutions: Your Top-Choice for Software Development Outsourcing

Many organizations face a critical challenge in their digital transformation: a lack of options when it comes to budget-friendly resources and technical expertise. When you outsource software development services with GGA, you get more than simple coding services, you gain a dedicated partner who helps your business achieve its technological goals.

From the initial consultation to cybersecurity precautions, we provide a holistic approach to your software development. Schedule a consultation with our expert team to learn more.