Successful enterprises have long leveraged the advantages of business process outsourcing services (BPO) to keep up with the corporate world’s cut-throat pace.

Why Companies Choose GGA for Their Business Support Needs

GGA solutions specializes in providing superior nearshore business support. Through our rigorous new talent integration process, attention to detail, and commitment to understanding your needs—we deliver high-quality solutions while representing your business positively.

Financial Stability

Hiring, paying, and training a new internal team can add up quickly. But what if there was a better way?

With GGA, there is. We perform many BPO functions at a significantly lower cost when compared to in-house employees. Some of the easiest areas where you can save money include:

  • Lead generation
  • Technology support
  • Customer service
  • Insurance support
  • Billing services

GGA assembles your entire team for a fraction of the cost compared to U.S.-based workers. On average, our solutions are 40% cheaper than an internal crew.

High-Quality Service

When we say we’re your full-service BPO solution, we mean it. GGA’s business process outsourcing services operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Our around-the-clock capabilities allow us to service multiple locations. Geographic hurdles aren’t an issue for GGA, because we have representatives who are fluent in several languages, including:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Mandarin Chinese
  • Portuguese

Our ability to effectively communicate with any region during all hours of the day helps expand your global reach.

Enhanced Adaptability

Successful businesses constantly adapt to industry changes, and GGA is no exception.

We regularly implement industry-leading BPO developments to ensure you have access to cutting-edge technology and procedures so your support system runs more efficiently than ever before.

Our ability to adapt to ever-changing market dynamics sets us apart from the competition. We deliver consistently superior business process outsourcing services.

Competitive Advantages

GGA was founded on the premise of helping businesses supplement their workload. Our years of experience and professional training enable us to complete your support tasks accurately, quickly, and efficiently.

We strive to take a load off your plate. Having a BPO partner you can trust to handle remedial tasks allows you to focus time and resources on operations that distinguish your business in the marketplace.

What To Look for in a Business Process Outsourcing Company

If you’re evaluating different business process outsourcing services, you’ll have a few options. To find the right partner, look for a BPO that meets the following criteria:

Net Promoter Score

Net Promoter Scores (NPS) represent the core measurement of worldwide customer experience. Essentially, they measure the willingness of customers to recommend products or services.

A “high score” is usually regarded as 25 or more, and our competitors sit around a 20 NPS score.

At GGA, we maintain an NPS score of 71—well above the industry standard.

This disparity is attributed to the quality of our process. As a people-first company, we’ve built a team of high-quality agents who care about their work. Partnering with GGA means you get a BPO provider that cares about your success, shares your goals, and does whatever it takes to meet them.

Case Studies

Your prospective business process outsourcing service should be able to vouch for their history of success. Any company can claim past accomplishments—but proving it is another story.

GGA will give you data from previous projects, so you can observe the correlation between operational efficiency and the implementation of our service.

From sales and lead-generation to technical and front-office support, GGA walks you through past statistics to demonstrate our ability to handle your business’s needs.


Going global for your business process outsourcing service doesn’t come without challenges, and depending on your provider’s location, you might have communication complications. BPO solutions in Asia and South America are the most problematic because of language barriers and cultural differences.

However, GGA is located 15 minutes south of San Diego. English is the first language for 85% of our employees, and many grew up or attended universities in the United States.

When customers call your phone lines, they’ll be greeted with Texan and Californian accents, as opposed to foreign diction commonly seen in other BPO services.

Our educated agents deliver a seamless BPO service your customers can communicate with clearly—ensuring their needs are met and your company is properly represented.

The Benefits of a Nearshore BPO Provider

Why look offshore for your business process outsourcing service when there’s a nearshore BPO provider right next door?

A considerable difference between GGA and our competitors is our cultural affinity with the United States. In addition to our agents’ ties to the states, GGA’s entire management team has experience holding executive-level positions for other U.S.-based companies.

We know the business issues you encounter because we’ve been there too. GGA understands what’s required to run a successful operation, so we give you the resources to get there.

The Top Choice for U.S.-Based Companies Looking for Nearshore Outsourcing in Mexico

The corporate world runs at a break-neck pace, and eventually, you may need to outsource tasks to stay ahead.

If you’re looking for a business process outsourcing service, make the right choice and partner with your neighbors at GGA Solutions. For years, we’ve helped businesses optimize their daily operations with our high-quality service, professional staff, and industry experience.

Ready to discover the benefits of nearshore BPO service? Start a conversation with us and schedule a free consultation today.