Five Content Moderation FAQs You Need To Know

Social media and user-generated content is a great way to bolster your marketing efforts, especially for high-volume campaigns. However, all it takes is one poor tweet to permanently tarnish your brand image.

That’s why corporations across the globe invest in content moderation services. But why is it important? And what specific benefits would it bring to your business?

Continue reading to learn answers to these questions, along with several other FAQs.

1. What Is Content Moderation

Content moderation is the process of monitoring a business’s online presence. There are several different applications for content moderation as a service, but social media management is by far the most popular.

Ultimately, content moderation outsourcing serves one key function: monitoring and maintaining your brand’s professional image. Today’s corporate world operates on a digital landscape. Content moderation helps ensure that any user-generated content about your business stays aligned with your company values.

2. Is User-Generated Content Inherently “Bad”?

Simply put, no. While user-generated content can sometimes confirm offensive, objectionable, or explicit verbiage, that doesn’t mean all third-party content about your business is a bad thing.

In fact, it can be the exact opposite. User-generated content—when positive—is often beneficial. Consumers consider user-generated content 50% more trustworthy than other forms of media, which is why you need a way to leverage what people are saying online to fuel your business initiatives. That’s where content moderation services come in handy, as they provide around-the-clock surveillance over your virtual presence, preventing problematic content from gaining visibility across the platform.

3. How Does Content Moderation Shape the Customer Experience?

1/4th of search results for the world’s 20 largest companies link to user-generated content, and if people have good things to say about you, it quickly pays off. Search engine algorithms hold product reviews, customer testimonials, and social comments in high regard. Not only will this improve your overall website traffic, but it’ll also boost your overall conversion rate.

Additionally, studies show potential consumers are much more likely to be exposed to your brand through user-generated content rather than digital ads. Traditional web advertising methods like pop-ups, auto-play videos, and banners are losing their influence over consumers, as people just want to see what previous clients have to say about your business.

Even just one negative user-generated comment has the potential to drive customers away and prevent sales. With buyers constantly surfing through your website, content moderation services help keep your online reputation professional and trustworthy.

4. Why Is Content Moderation Important for My Business?

Every company, from small businesses to multinational giants, can benefit from the competitive advantages content moderation services bring, including:

  • Safeguard Your Brand Image: When customers see you have a poor online presence, it can be tough to convince them to partner with your business. Whether it’s negative reviews on LinkedIn, angry customers on Twitter, or spam on Instagram, content moderators help ensure your online identity is always polished, professional, and engaging.
  • Understand User Patterns: For high-volume digital campaigns, content moderation can significantly boost your pattern recognition efforts. In addition to assessing what people say about your business, professional moderators also highlight valuable content. This helps your marketing department gain valuable insight into customer opinions, patterns, and behaviors. Knowing this information makes it much easier to make data-driven decisions about the success of your current campaigns, anticipation for new launches, etc.
  • Interact With Customers: virtually interacting with customers should be at the forefront of your outreach efforts. Whether you’re hosting a live chat, promoting an upcoming event, or publishing client reviews, content moderation strategies can help drive these campaigns. You’ll be able to rest assured knowing your business is leveraging the advantages of user-generated content, without stressing about any adverse effects on your brand’s image.

5. Why Do Companies Outsource Content Moderation as a Service?

You might find yourself thinking, “why should I outsource this task instead of keeping it in-house?”

If you’ve asked this question before, you’re not alone. Recently, the outsourcing industry has seen ground-breaking growth, with a market cap increasing by nearly $40 Billion over the past two decades. It’s no secret that outsourcing your workload helps consolidate the burden on your employees, but now, companies realize they can outsource entire departments with educated, experienced specialists.

Outsourcing outside of the US border is synonymous with cost savings, skilled talent, and measurable deliverables. But, how can you tell whether to stay inside the continent or venture across the ocean?

Here’s What You Need to Consider

One area where outsourcing has truly found its niche is content moderation. If you decided to handle this task in-house, you’d need funding to cover:

  • Salaries
  • Benefits
  • Resources
  • Technology
  • Training
  • Management
  • Real estate

By themselves, these costs can seem manageable. However, once multiplied, the cost of an in-house operation is tough to swallow. That’s why businesses looking to save time—and money—outsource their content moderation services.

GGA Solutions: a Cost-Effective Way To Maintain Your Brand Image

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