Why Do Companies Need Content Moderation Outsourcing?

In today’s digital age, social media has changed the way every business operates. Whether you’re expanding efforts to reach untapped clients or want to interact with more of your current customers, one thing is for certain: social media management is an integral part of every company’s marketing efforts.

Social platforms should be an asset to your business. Not a hindrance. One bad post can cause irreparable damage to your brand, which is why content moderation outsourcing is so beneficial. With the help of a third-party provider, you can ensure your content isn’t just appropriate, but also aligned with your overall business goals.

What Is Content Moderation Outsourcing?

Simply put, it is the process of supervising a company’s online presence. While virtually every type of web-based content can benefit from these services, content moderation solutions have primarily found their niche in social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

It’s crucial to note the specifics behind the supervision process can vary based on the service you choose. However, the ultimate goal stays the same: maintaining your company’s online image in a professional light.

Investing in content moderation outsourcing gives you access to a team of trained professionals who monitor your business’ social interactions, posts, and comments. If offensive, objectionable, or explicit content happens to be posted—fear not—because it’s quickly removed. Having around-the-clock supervision for your social accounts means you’ll be able to prevent problematic content from gaining visibility across the platform.

Over the last two decades, the market size of the outsourcing industry has grown by nearly $40 billion. Learn why companies are venturing outside the office walls to supplement their workload in unfamiliar places.

Why Should I Outsource with a Nearshore Provider?

What Are Some Benefits of Working With a Professional Content Moderation Company?

Every organization, from Fortune 500 companies to mom-and-pop shops, need to maintain a professional image. After all, if clients see you struggling to sustain your online reputation, how can they trust you as their business partner?

That’s why so many companies outsource their content moderation process, as it delivers several key advantages, including:

Protecting Your Brand Image

Whether it’s replies to your tweets, pictures on instagram, or comments on your company’s LinkedIn page, there’s always a risk that users will post content deviating from what’s acceptable to your brand. Fortunately, having a team of content moderators standing by helps reduce the chance of potential customers seeing upsetting or offensive content.

Better Understanding Your Users

Another benefit of content moderation outsourcing, especially for high-volume digital marketing campaigns, is pattern recognition. Professional content moderators do much more than simply delete tweets—they’re also able to tag valuable content so your team can gain insight into customer patterns, behaviors, and opinions. By moderating content with intent, you protect your brand while making data-driven decisions about new launches, current services, and social campaigns.

Increasing Traffic and Search Engine Rankings

User-generated content can fuel your website, product reviews, and social channels. In fact, 1/4th of search resultsfor the world’s 20 largest companies are links to user-generated content.
So, what does this mean for your brand’s online presence?

Well, it’s simple: you attract more website traffic. Today’s consumers find user-generated content 50% more trustworthy than any other form of media. Not only does this increase your customer engagement, but search engine algorithms heavily favor businesses with user-generated content.

Unfortunately, publishing user content comes with a few risks, as it’s challenging to monitor what’s being said about your business. Unless, of course, you partner with a professional content moderation company. Investing in constant surveillance enables businesses to leverage the advantages of user-generated content, without absorbing the risk of tarnishing their brand’s reputation.

Improve the Buying Process and Customer Behaviors

Thanks to the ever-changing digital marketplace, ads through radio, TV, and print media are losing their ability to persuade customers. To make matters worse, traditional web advertising methods like pop-ups, auto-play videos, and banners don’t fare any better.

Studies show potential consumers are much more likely to be exposed to your brand through user-generated content rather than digital ads. Simply put, they want to see what other people have to say about your business.

With buyers constantly surfing through user-generated content, you need a surefire way to ensure it’s professional. A single offensive comment has the potential to drive customers away and prevent sales, which is why businesses across the globe use content moderation outsourcing to keep their online reputation tidy.

Quickly Scale Virtual Marketing Campaigns

Virtually interacting with customers is an essential aspect of both marketing and sales campaigns. Whether you’re hosting a live contest, crowdsourcing an idea, publishing customer photos, or posting past reviews, content moderation strategies help you drive these campaigns without worrying about any adverse effects to your brand image.


GGA: Your Top Choice for Content Moderation and BPO Solutions

Every business needs a content moderation team in place to prevent problematic posts from reaching a broader audience. If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to safeguard your brand image, GGA’s content moderation solutions can help.

For years, we’ve helped both global and domestic companies increase their visibility while maintaining a safe online community. With around-the-clock monitoring, you can rest assured knowing the only effect user-generated contract will have is boosting your audience engagement and generating interest in your company.

Ready to take the next step? So are we. Start a conversation with the experts, and ask how GGA builds a highly-trained team of content moderators to be your brand advocates.