3 October, 2019

People first is our motto, welcome our latest team members

Welcome to the newest members of the team at GGA Solutions.
3 October, 2019

As near as Nearshore can be: Software development in Tijuana

Tijuana has an untapped developer resource that, historically, has been overshadowed somewhat by the city’s BPO industry, which boasts a workforce of about 13,000.
19 September, 2019

The depth of language capabilities of GGA Solutions: Spanish, English Portuguese and Mandarin.

Tijuana, Mexico offers a number languages, including Portuguese and Mandarin, as a nearshore location because of the large number of immigrants. GGA Solutions looks at the depth of language capabilities in Tijuana.
17 May, 2018

A top 100 insurance company from the US

A turnkey project, with operations from zero to a 600 positions.
23 April, 2018

A leading East coast based Telecommunications Company

Create value by helping the Client deliver awesome Customer Experience, acquire-retain customer and better understand needs.