GGA Appoints Daniel Rangel as Chief Operating Officer

GGA Appoints Daniel Rangel as Chief Operating Officer

June 27th 2024,

Dear Clients and Partners,

I am pleased to announce the appointment of Daniel Rangel as Chief Operating Officer (COO) effective Monday, June 24th, 2024. Daniel, along with the rest of the executive and management team, will continue to oversee our expansion plans in our various regions as we strive to create job opportunities in Mexico and Latin America to support our clients in the U.S. and other territories in creating great CX teams for each one of you.

For those who might not know, Daniel is one of our six co-founders and has vast experience in building nearshore teams designed to support U.S. businesses. His expertise in auto insurance, which includes underwriting, licensing, compliance, and risk management, as well as his experience in business process outsourcing and contact center operations, have played an important part in building our insurance partnerships and will be key to our continued success.

With this organizational change, we aim to continue strengthening our company, as we prepare for future growth, together, with our amazing clients and partners. Our focus is to continue growing strategically and responsibly by incorporating new technologies, new regions, and new service verticals to the array of functions GGA Solutions offers today.

As COO, Daniel will lead our executive team in overseeing and managing all internal operations. An essential part of his new role will be to ensure we adhere to our corporate values, vision and mission, while ensuring your client experience continues to be the best possible one, one call, one transaction, and one interaction at a time.


Valeria Rico


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