A leading East coast based Telecommunications Company


Create value by helping the Client deliver awesome Customer Experience, acquire-retain customer and better understand needs.


On the first month the results indicate significant improvements on:

  • The Average handle time (AHT)
  • The number of calls with the same number of active agents
  • The number of calls per agent
  • First call resolution (FCR)

We served our client with:

Better Agents

  • Experienced, bilingual, bicultural, service-oriented personnel.
  • All into a continuous learning path.
  • Performance-based rewards.
  • An “always be selling” mentality.

Good Processes and Systems

  • Workforce Management and Call Routing Expertise.
  • Reduce long abandon rates and call waiting.
  • Skills-based routing.
  • Enable a more seamless customer experience.
  • Improve upon first call resolution metrics.

Clear Actionable Analytics

  • Ensure accurate data capture.
  • KPI Alignment.
  • Reporting and analytics that accurately measure customer experience.

We are a new generation of business process outsourcing services
and GGA Solutions is leading the way.