A top 100 insurance company from the US


A turnkey project, with operations from zero to a 600 positions.


As the first year anniversary of operations in Mexico approached:

  • All dateline and hiring goals met on time.
  • Up to 37% savings per position established.
  • Up to 25% increase in the company´s own KPI´s.

We served our client with:

A Senior team of executives

  • Experienced, bilingual, bicultural, high-level team to asses and plan for the Company´s establishment in Mexico.
  • Continuous up to date communications and scoreboard for transparency and accountability.
  • Recruiting, hiring, development, and establishment of the management operations team.
  • Full operations establishment, including legal, labor, and tax licensing according to Mexico´s law.
  • Facilities acquisition consultancy for the continuity of their expansion plans.

Business Culture and Operation Processing

  • Company´s culture and values adaptation to their new team.
  • Recruiting, training, hiring and starting up of their Customer Service, Claims, and Sales agents.
  • Step by step assimilation and adaptation of both countries’ laws and work environment practices.

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